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SenTech Megapixel High Speed Color Camera With GigE or USB3

Starting at just $910, Sentech’s line of 2 and 4 megapixel CMOSIS high speed cameras offers your choice of color, monochrome, or Near IR sensors and either a USB3 or GigE interface.

SenTech USB3 and GigE cameras use the Pleora engine and software drivers  providing compatibility with a wide range of software applications. 

FLIR AX8 Thermal Imager For Industrial Condition Monitoring - $995

FLIR AX8 Monitors Thermal Conditions with Live Image Outputs over Ethernet

New from FLIR the AX8 provides continuous monitoring of thermal conditions within an image scene.  With a built in web server, and compatible with  Ethernet/IP and Modus TCP protocol, the AX8 can monitor 6 points within an image and send alerts and image snapshots via FTP or eMail when temperatures exceed your preset limits.

Extended 18 Month Warranty

Now Offering 18 Month Extended Replacement Warranties on Sony XC Series Cameras

Industrial Camera Sales now offers an 18 month extended replacement warranty on select Sony XC Series industrial cameras.  If you purchased one of these camera models from us and it fails under normal operations within 18 months of purchase, we’ll replace it free of charge.

That’s 6 months of protection beyond what Sony, or any other distributor will offer!