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The Fujinon HF12.5HA-1B is a very high quality C-mount lens designed for industrial applications like robotics and machine vision. It is intended to deliver quality images when mounted on cameras with as much as 1.5 megapixel resolution. Among its features this lens has locking focus and iris rings so it can operate consistently in jobs where the camera may experience significant vibration.

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The Fujinon HF9HA-1B is a very high quality C-mount lens with an F/1.4 aperature, adjustable focus and iris, and locking screws.


15mm F/2.2 fixed focal length lens designed for 1/3 Format 3-CCD Cameraas.  Minimum working distance is 0.1 meters, features a M25.5 x 0.5 threaded filter mount.


2.8mm F/2.2 fixed focal length, desgined for 1/3 Format 3-CCD camera with C-mount.  Low distortion design suites a variety of high quality imaging applications.

Delivery: 7-10 Days


25mm fixed focal length with an working aperture of F/2.2 to F/16.  C-Mount design.  Compatible with 1/3 Format 3-CCD camera.  Minimum working distance of 0.2 meters.


4mm fixed focal length lens with a working aperture of F/2.2 to F/16.  Minimum working distance of 0.1 meters.  1/3 Format 3-CCD Camera with C-mount


8mm Fixed focal length lens with F2.2 to F/16 working aperture, designed for 1/3 Format 3-CCD cameras with C-Mount.  Minimum working distance is 0.2 meters.