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What is a “Macro” Lens?

Macro Video LensA “Macro” lens is specifically designed for close-up work.  However, most modern macro lenses can also focus continuously to infinity, providing excellent optical quality.  Technically to be considered a macro lens, it must be capable of render an image larger than life, in other words the resulting image is larger than the subject.  But with the development of small image sensors for digital and video cameras, that definition becomes  a bit obscured since a larger than life image can be created on a sensor array without producing it optically.

For practical purposes, a macro lens is sought out to focus on subject materials that are less than a few hundred millimeters from the lens, which is the working distance limit of most standard lenses.

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Kowa LMZ45T3 Macro Zoom Lens

The LMZ45T3 is designed for a 2/3 Format sensor with an F/2.5 aperture and C-Mount.  Focal range is 0.15 meters in Macro mode to infinity.


10.6X macro zoom lens, 9.5mm-90mm focal range, minimum object distance of 0.15 meters.  Compatible with C-Mount cameras with 1/3 Format sensors.


8-48mm F/1.0 macro zoom with a minimum object distance of 0.01 meters. Compatible with 1/2 Format sensors, C-Mount cameras, and features a M46x0.75 threaded filter mount.