16mm F/2.8 UV Quartz C-Mount Lens

16mm F/2.8 UV Quartz C-Mount Lens

The UV1628CM 16mm C-Mount style quartz lens with a minimum working distance of 63.7mm at 300nm with an adjustable aperture of F/2.8 -16 and adjustable focus both with locking screws.


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Product Description

The UV1628CM quartz lens is designed for ultraviolet sensitive cameras with a 2/3″ type image sensor or smaller and is compatible with C-Mount lens styles. The lens has both iris and focus controls with locking screws and a minimum working distance of 63.7mm at 300nm. Although designed primarily for a 266nm wavelength, the quartz elements have a spectral transmission reaching to 2000nm making this lens suitable for near infrared applications too.

Ultraviolet Lens Selection

Description Details
Focal Length 16.0mm
F/no. 2.8 – 16
Format Size (dia.) 2/3″
Mount C
Iris Control Adjustable
Applications electronics, optics, medical applications, and precision applications, industrial applications, forensic

UV1628CM Ultraviolet Lens Dimensions

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