2.0X Megapixel Telecentric Lens, 110mm WD

2.0X Megapixel Telecentric Lens, 110mm WD

The Computar model TEC-M20110MP provides 2.0X Magnification at 110.9mm Working Distance for megapixel machine vision C-mount cameras. A low distortion design provides crisp image reproduction across the full sensor array.


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Product Description

The Computar Model TEC-M20110MP ┬áis designed for machine vision cameras with 2/3″ sensor formats and up to 2 megapixels. The low distortion design provides crisp imaging across the full viewing area at a working distance of 110.9mm with a 2.0X magnification.

  • Compatible with 2MP sensors on 2/3 ” cameras
  • C-Mount
  • Designed for 110.9mm working distance
  • 2.0x magnification
  • Low TV distortion correction up to the furthest corner (0.01 – 0.03s%)

Computar TEC-M20110MP Dimensions

Description Detail
Model No. TEC-M20110MP
Magnification 2.0X
Working Distance 110.9mm
Distortion -0.019% for 2/3 Type Sensor
Effective F Number 13
Iris No Iris
Focus No Focus
Mount C-Mount
Back Focus 17mm
Dimenions 30.0mm (D) x 126.4mm (L)
Field of View 4.4mm(H) x3.3mm(V) for 2/3 Type Sensor
Depth of Field 0.27mm @ 550nm
Resolving Power 4.5um
Description Type Size Download
Computar TEC-M20110MP Datasheet PDF 93kb Download File
Computar Telecentric Lens Catalog PDF 6Mb Download File
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