Computar TECM55-MPW 55mm Megapixel Telecentric Lens

Computar TECM55-MPW 55mm Megapixel Telecentric Lens

55mm F/2.8 Telecentric Lens with a minimum working distance of 140 millimeters. Locking screws are provided for focus and aperture rings. 2X and 0.75X adapter are available.


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Product Description

55mm F/2.8 Telecentric Lens

The Computar TEC-M55-MPW is a 55mm telecentric lens designed for high resolution megapixel cameras with a 2/3 Format sensor array. It has a working distance of 0.14 to 1.0 meters. Locking screws secure both the focus ring and aperture.

Computar TEC-M55MPW Telecentric Lens

About Telecentric Lenses

In machine vision systems requiring accurate measurements an orthonormal view of the object (i.e. with no object sides imaging) is needed so that correct linear measurements may be performed. Furthermore, many mechanical parts cannot be precisely positioned (i.e. because of vibrations) or a measurement must be performed at different depths or, even worse, the object thickness (and therefore the object surface position) may vary; nevertheless, software engineers do need a perfect correlation between imaged and real dimensions.

On the left is an image of an internal spline on a cylindrical object taken with a telecentric lens (top) and the same object viewed by an ordinary lens (bottom). On the right an image of two identical machine screws set 100 mm apart, taken with a telecentric lens (top) and with an ordinary lens (bottom).

Model No. TEC-M55MPW
Focal Length 55mm
Aperture Range F3.0-22C
Max Image Format 8.8mm x 6.6mm (11mm dia)
Working Distance 0.14m - 1.0m
Iris Manual
Focus Manual
Mount C-Mount
Filter Size M46.0 P-0.75mm
Back Focal Length 17.0mm
Dimenions 59.0mm (D) x 93.1mm (L)
Weight 400.0g
Angle of View
Object Dimensions 0.14m 17.4mm(H) x 13.1mm(V)
Computar TEC-M55MPW Datasheet PDF 93 kb Download File
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