Navitar Zoom 7000 18-108mm Macro Lens

Navitar Zoom 7000 18-108mm Macro Lens

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Product Description

The Zoom 7000 offers a superior design for close-focusing macro applications requiring a working distance of 5 inches to infinity. It is compatible with imagers of 2/3 inch format and smaller. Its image clarity and parfocal zoom performance is unsurpassed by similar lenses in this category and price range.

The Zoom 7000 is ideal for QA/QC, assembly applications or even biomedical imaging. It offers a 6X magnification over a focal range of 18 mm to 108 mm. An interchangeable close-up lens is included for imaging at distances from 5 to 12 inches. When the close-up lens is removed, the working distance extends from 24 inches to infinity. Focus and aperture control are standard Zoom 7000 features.

Model ZOOM 7000
Focal Length 18 – 108 (6x) (Close-up Focusing)
Iris Range/ F-Stop 2.5 – Close
Control Iris Manual
Focus Manual
Zoom Manual
Object Area at M.O.D (H x V) 2/3″ Wide 252 x 195 Tele 43 x 33
1/2″ Wide 183 x 142 Tele 31 x 24
1/3″ Wide 138 x 106 Tele 23 x 18
1/4″ Wide 91 x 71 Tele 15 x 12
Focusing Range (meters) 0.13 – infinity
Field Angle (HxV) 2/3″ Wide 27×20 deg. Tele 4×3 deg.
1/2″ Wide 19×15 deg. Tele 3.3×3 deg.
1/3″ Wide 14×11 deg. Tele 2.5x 1.5 deg.
1/4″ Wide 10×7.5 deg. Tele 1.75×1.4 deg.
Back Focal Length (mm) 24.28
Filter Diameter 52mm P=0.75
Mount C-Mount
Weight (grams) 595
Dimensions 162 L x 62 Dia. (mm)
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