Sony CCXC-12P02N, 2 Meter Replacement Cable

Sony CCXC-12P02N, 2 Meter Replacement Cable

2 Meter CCXC-12P-02N Sony 12-pin replacement cable.  Features locking Female & Male Hirose connectors, four (4) 30 AWG coaxial conductors and four (4) 24 AWG solid conductors.


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Product Description

2 Meter High Flex 12-pin Sony Replacement Cable

This HiFlex 12-pin cable replaces the Sony CCXC-12P-02N, Hitachi C-102KS, or Intercon 1 VCP-2S analog camera cables.  It is compatible with all Sony XC series cameras and Hitachi KP series cameras.  They are suitable for dynamic applications such as robotics where million flex lifetimes are requires. The molded Hirose 12-pin locking connectors insure a secure and durable connection.  All cables carry a 12 month replacement warranty from Industrial Camera Sales.



Cable Details
FeatureSpecificationPart No.
Length 2.0 Meters NA
Connector Type Male Plug HR10A-10P-12P
Connector Type Female Plug Hirose HR10A-10P-12S
Cable Pinout and Usage
Pin No.Typical UsageConductor
1 GND 24 AWG Insulated
2 12 VDC 24 AWG Insulated
3 Video GND Coax Shield
4 Video Out 75 Ohm Coax 20 AWG
5 GND Coax Shield
6 HD Sync Input 75 Ohm Coax 20 AWG
7 VD Sync 0r Trigger Input 75 Ohm Coax 20 AWG
8 GND Coax Shield
9 Aux Signal 24 AWG Insulated
10 Aux Signal 24 AWG Insulated
11 Trigger Input 75 Ohm Coax 20 AWG
12 GND Coax Shield
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